zero waste in Cape Town

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zero waste in Cape Town

Hello Community, I heard Bea's speech on friday and I realized once more just how different things are around here. There is hardly any awareness in this country.....not only the venue was an aquarium...this is a place, where animals are held in captivity...a not animal friendly.....but right behind the entrance I was offered I bag.....(reusable, but still: how many of those bags do you need??? and most people took one) and on every single seat, there was a sticker (aka trash)....'rethink the bag'...maybe rethink the sticker as well????

anyway. We have to break down the concept to what is actually possible here.

- say NO to the usual plastic bag you are offered at EVERY SINGLE TILL still!!!
- don't buy at stores (WOOLLIES) that have excessive packaging...unless you have to for some items, that you just can't find elsewhere
- force the organic stores to check their products....unfortunately only a very small amount of what you find there is actually organic  - part of this, because there is no organic standard in this country
- buy from your many little veggie gardens and farms around us

Maybe there is a challenge and a task for us europeans living in this beautiful country to create awareness through our behaviour and consumerism.