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to make things more simpel, use chickens ( worms are creepy) and free egs! Instead of using glas jars i use plastic tubberware  brand curver (this can in the dishwasser , oven, microwave and freezer , and dont break). its  a time saver.

5 drups off tee trea olie work desinfection, it is significant proven it works better than blech and dettol, and other expensive cleaning products.

for laundry; (recept from the 2 word war from granny )  50 gram sunlicht soap rasp and 50 gram of soda  and water cook it in a pan en  after its warm just trow it in a bucket , the next day you have a paste  you can put in jars. 1 cup is for one wash  for all collors.

and it cost 2 dollar max!  100% organic !

make-up remover:
1 bottel fill it half  olive olie  and half water, shake it for use.
tonic: simpel rose water

make checklist plastic, fill them in with marker and you can remove them with terpetine. ( no more paper, no new print files.)

linnenwater: rosewater mix with water and 5 drups of essentiele olie bv lavender, 1 table spoon of baking powder.  works also for a wet dog, remove smell ore smoke!