"Permanent Make-up" for Lips, Eyebrows and Eyeliner

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"Permanent Make-up" for Lips, Eyebrows and Eyeliner

This may be a mildly "radical" solution to reducing the waste caused by using lip, eyeliner and eybrow make-up, but it works wonderfully for me.

I am the owner and child care provider in a state licensed child care home that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is wonderful, rewarding work, but so time consuming with so many constant interruptions that I can barely find time to take a shower. No matter how hard I've tried over the many years, I can rarely find the time to apply make-up. If I do find the time, the physical demands of my work which included water (dishes, laundry, mopping, scrubbing, handwashing, child-washing etc.), and often sweat :) make it smudge or rub off. Also, little fingers touch my eyes, face, mouth. All mothers will know what I mean...

My cousin became a "Permanent Make-up Artist." Before she did this I had never heard of Permanent Make-up before, but it is possible to have the trained artist apply eyeliner, lip color and/or eyebrow makeup using colored pigment and a tatoo needle. The make-up is not actually "permanent" but it does last several years before it gradually fades and you need another touch-up. It's not a real tatoo because pigment rather than tatoo ink is used.

Every day I have perfect eyeliner, and eyebrow makeup, and my lips always have a little color, and I spend no time, get no smudges, and importantly to me -- CONSUME NO PRODUCTS.

If you actually wear make-up every day, participate in work that causes it to smudge or run, or want to appear "put together" or "professional" etc. without buying and consuming plastic or other containers full of tiny bits of product, Permanent Make-up might be something to check into or do a little research on. I am rather conservative, have no tatoos etc. but I must say, I LOVE looking a little special every day, even when I have no regular make-up in the house, and no time in my life to apply it.

As a sideline, the salon where I received the Permanent Make-up also dyes and curls my eyelashes sometimes (a substitute for mascara). It lasts about 2 or 3 months. I love this too, since mascara really doesn't work for me either, and even when I have used it in other stages of my life, it is only good for 6 months or so because of the potential for bacteria to accumulate in the bottle --

I hope my experience will be relevant or helpful to someone