digital photo albums ?

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digital photo albums ?


I'm planning to make yearly photo albums... mainly because of my son (1 year old so it's the right time to start) but I don't want to add clutter and I know that even if paper photo books are great (and exprensive), in less than 10 years they will be clutter and I don't like the idea of not having a digital version of them.

So I plan, right from the start, to create a digital album... to be seen on a computer, on a digital projector, or a tablet, but I don't know what to choose as a file format.

I imagine different possibilities :
- a simple high quality jpeg per page. I like the ability to view them on any kind of viewer (pc, mac, ipad, even phone ...) but it's not very "book" styled.
- a pdf with the whole book in one file. I like the clutterness but I don't think that tablets and phones are really comfortable with handling sevral hundreds of megabytes pdf files... it's also less practical for editing them in the future if needed.

Do you have suggestions, what have you already done ?