The Demise of this Forum

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The Demise of this Forum

I randomly check in here and the quality of that experience has gone down greatly.

It seems with Bea on the road, this site gets little attention. This is happening just as she is spreading the ZW message to more people. People, who are like I was a few years back, trying to wrap my head around ZW. They're going to come to this site and see the quality and be put off.  It seems intentional.

Like inviting folks to a party and the host isn't there and party goers are just helping themselves to whatever random bits and bobs are lying about, no care put in.

If Bea intends her Instagram posts to replace this for up to the minute information, why not just lock down and archive the forum after cleaning it up so it is at least available as searchable reference for relevant information?

Is anyone listening anymore?