Razor Blade Disposal

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Razor Blade Disposal

I have been using a Stainless Steel razor for 3 years now.
Unfortunately, my first SS razor fell in the shower and I was not able to repair it, but I have had much better luck with my current one, going strong for 2+ years.
My question is, what do you do with the double edge razor blades when you are done with them?
Can you sharpen them and re-use them? Or do you have some way to recycle them? Is there a company I can send them to to be recycled or re-used? I have been saving old ones (luckily they are so small and don't take up too much space) but, I just didn't want to put them in the trash if you have a better solution for this please let me know!
I'm also interested in the all in one soap bar that you use....I have sensitive skin and eczema flair ups, so many products hurt me skin. I currently use a shea butter bar that comes in recyclable cardboard, but only because the bulk soaps I have tried irritate my skin. I have tried all types of bulk shampoos and conditioners, but an all-in-one bar is very appealing!
Looking forward to your responses!

I use a similar product to the one in your store, but how to dispose of them???

Thank you!
coldswim coldswim
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Re: Razor Blade Disposal

Razor blades should be put in the trash. You can't recycle them. Find a container that can be secured with shipping tape or masking tape and write "razor blades" on the outside, then put it in the trash can. Buy one of the round plastic boxes of mints sold at the checkout stand at the supermarket. I use them for bent pins and broken needles when I sew, and the opening is large enough to get a razor blade in there. Otherwise get a red plastic sharps container and fill it up then take it to your pharmacy.  

Be responsible about razor blade disposal. Animals and humans sift through trash, so any box containing razor blades should indicate that on the outside and it should be sealed up.

I've always used disposable razors, the replaceable blades are just too fucking sharp for me, I last used a replaceable blade razor in the 1980s, someone gave me one as a gift and I couldn't stand it. I end up destroying my armpits and legs with those.