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Lush bulk

We have a new LUSH store here and I have visited twice now. The first time, it was very crowded and I had my 10 year old daughter with me. We mostly had fun trying out products and experiencing the new (tiny) store.

I purchased the toothy tabs and a chunk of lemon soap (wrong name, but that's what it smells like) and got samples of the bulk solid coconut shampoo and bulk aqua marina (?) face wash. The toothy tabs come in a cardboard box and we use half a tab to brush our teeth. They work very well, but are super foamy -- even just half a tablet. The solid shampoo worked quite well the first time each of us used it, but felt weird in curly hair was beautifully curly and not dry or weighed down at all. The lemon soap works so well that I have been able to wash under my arms with the soap and use a deodorant that was never particularly effective and go all day and night smelling fresh. Re-apply same deodorant (without showering) and be good for another day (by night-time, not so fresh, but not super icky). It has been great for using up this deodorant that I will never re-purchase, but don't want to toss out (Tom's of Maine crystal roll-on). I just remembered I had the face wash sample, so I haven't used it yet.

So, yesterday, I went back to Lush by myself and it was empty most of the time I was there. I actually read ingredients and asked questions, etc. Every single soap and shampoo has SLS and other chemicals. The employee told me Lush had removed the SLS from every product awhile ago and the customers hated it. They put them back. It was very short-term, from what I heard.

The toothy tabs have an artificial sweetener (saccharin of some kind -- in addition to glycerine) and a version of SLS. Hence the extreme foaminess.

The limited products I found that are what I consider healthy came packed in plastic. The face washes have ingredients I use for various things. They are sold in bulk, but they use plastic containers. Some are pre-packed and weighed/labeled. Theoretically, I could bring my own glass or metal container for these. I use honey to wash my face, though, so this isn't something I would personally do. The Ro's Argan shower conditioner (body lotion you rinse off) has nice ingredients, even if there are a TON of them. Only comes in black plastic tub. Face masks = same. Solid perfume = same.

To say I was disappointed is a great understatement. I don't actually buy face wash nor body lotion nor perfume nor face masks, etc. I make those items myself and mine are so much cheaper, I couldn't even justify purchasing them. Add the plastic packaging and definitely a deal-breaker.

I was looking for soaps and shampoos and hair conditioners in bulk to slowly switch my family. We've mostly done the rest in body care -- just using up previously purchased items mixed in with new methods. I'm aiming for health first, zero waste second...preferrably healthy AND zero waste or, at least, less waste. Cost is a factor. I'm willing to pay a little more for a healthier product, but I have to draw the line somewhere due to financial priorities elsewhere in our lives.

What do you buy at Lush? Are you happy with the trade-offs?
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Re: Lush bulk

Hi : new to the site and just read your message about Lush.

We have Lush shops here in UK. I agree with you about SLS in their products, which put me off  buying them too. I am given small gift boxes at Christmas, and use the soap bars over the year. I regulary try to get on with their solid body butter bars, but prefer my 'Avalon Organics' cream in a plastic pump bottle. I applaud Lush's approach to packaging mostly in paper and card, and using potato/ cornstarch 'nuggets' instead of polystyrene packaging.
I find the fragrance overpowering on some products, but the body and face creams are nice, although not rich enough for my very dry skin.
Here in the UK you save the plastic pots and take them back to the shop for recycling. For every 5 you get a free face mask.

Apart from' Faith in Nature', available in bulk and also average sized bottles (who use plant based sodium 'something else' , which apparently has larger molecules which don't enter the body through skin)  or 'Naked' which are now both reasonably  mainstream here, but also in plastic bottles, we don't have much choice  :either very expensive organic beauty products,in tiny pots, home- made, or purchased but compromised... Actually that is quite a choice... think positive!
It sounds as if your locals voted with their feet!