Little boys' winter/spring capsule wardrobe

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Little boys' winter/spring capsule wardrobe

Yesterday, my mom and I had a great time thrifting for a capsule wardrobe for twin toddler boys.  They are special needs children being fostered by a  friend of hers.

For each boy's winter/spring capsule wardrobe we bought:

5 long-sleeved t-shirts (navy, black, green, and brown colors)
5 short-sleeved t-shirts
6 pairs of sweatpants (navy, gray, black)
2 sweatshirts
1 pair of pants (denim and tan)
2 nice tops(collared or sweaters)
1 vests (brown and navy)
4 pairs of pajamas
1 fleece jacket
1 winter coat with hood

This represents a week of clothing for two little boys.  6 days a week they can wear sweatpants and either long-sleeved T's layered with vests  or short sleeved T's layered with a  sweatshirt/fleece jacket.   There are a few spares for messes or accidents.  On special occasions they can wear the pants and nice tops.  They wear each pair of pajamas twice before laundering.  The best part was that our thrift store had clothes at 50% off so we were able to buy all of this for less than $70.  

Before summer starts we will buy each boy:

5 more short-sleeved T-shirts
1 polo shirt for dressing up
7 pairs of shorts
1 pair of tan shorts for dressing up
1 pair of swim trunks and rash guards

My 2 year old son has a very similar wardrobe, with a few more shoes (due to developmental delays the twins aren't walking, but my son needs sneakers, snow boots, hiking boots, and sandals.  We also don't buy Pajamas for our son.  Instead we just get a couple extra long-sleeved shirts and sweatpants.  The added bonus is that we don't have to dress him in the morning.  He is fit to stay home, run errands, or go to the park in what he slept in.   One might think a child would need more jeans/slacks, but I find that sweatpants are our go-to the vast majority of the time.