Kitchen floor renovation ideas

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Kitchen floor renovation ideas

We are thinking of renovating the kitchen of our condo. We bought it 2 years back from condos for sale in North York. We were thinking of changing the flooring as we made mistake while choosing the material last time. I think, when it comes to choosing kitchen flooring, the material of the flooring plays a vital role. Some of the materials that are best suited for the kitchen are:
Vinyl Flooring: easiest-to-maintain floor, also budget friendly.

Porcelain Tile: toughest flooring, look of stone, low maintenance.

Cork Flooring: eco-friendly choice, softer floor than wood or tile, slip-resistance.
These are a few I found while I was searching for my kitchen floor. I am thinking of going with the vinyl flooring as I cook a lot and it's cushiness makes it easier on feet while easing muscle fatigue. Plus, it is completely waterproof and stain-proof. They also have a wear layer that helps resist scratches and scuff marks.

Are there any other suggestions for this. I would love to hear what you all think of it.

If you disagree with my choice please let me know which other material you think would be best?