Getting rid of junk mail (mail/post) - a Belgian perspective

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Getting rid of junk mail (mail/post) - a Belgian perspective

Hey there,

I recently stumbled across the Zero Waste blog, and it has proven to be a real inspiration. I'm a twenty-something, and my girlfriend and I are still studying, but I'm very aware of the fact that we'll have to make some important life choices in a few years: buying a house, buying a car, trying to get our lives in order, ... Therefore, starting from the beginning of my life as an independent adult, I want to make a very concious choice for an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

While reading your blog, I noticed you touched the subject of reducing junk mail very briefly. I don't know the actions you can take in the US (or France), but I did some thorough research for the situation in Belgium. In summary, there are three things you can do against junk mail (by mail/post, so no e-mails):

- Use a 'no junk mail'-sticker (do they have that in the States)?
- Inscribe to a Robinson list (
- Writing/mailing to the company in question that you don't want to receive their junk mail (they are legally obliged to honour your request, at least in the EU).

I've got a little blog in Dutch where I wrote about this (and other subjects). The blog is called 'De Consument in the 21e Eeuw' (or 'The Consumer in the 21th Century'). It's focussed on themes of ecology and ethics for consumers. The articles are very practical in nature.

- Introduction:
- Junk mail stickers:
- Robinsonlists:
- Writing to a company:

I hope I can help some fellow countrymen (and others) to reduce their junk mail! I'm very interested in sharing ideas: how do you try to reduce your junk mail?