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Cleaning Crew Supplies

Hi I have a cleaning crew coming tomorrow in Los Angeles
Can anyone help me to translate this list of toxic products to ones that I can buy for them that will be less toxic? Any assistance would be appreciated. I already have Bon ami, 7th generation cleaning spray, 7th generation toilet cleaner, and micro fiber cloths. I was told that they use paper towels so unfortunately I bought those for them in case they have to use them. I will be here to watch them clean so if I can't figure this out in time, I may have to observe what they do with all these items and then work on evolving the process.

Pine-sol (Powerful Scent)
Fabuloso (Lavender)
Mr. Clean (Bath Cleaner)
Ajax (Bleach Cleanser-Heavy Duty Formula)
Ajax (Super Degreaser)
Clorox (Cleaner with Bleach)
Clorox (Regular Bleach)
Trish Trish
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Re: Cleaning Crew Supplies

I know I'm a day late, but here are the things I use or have used:

1 part vinegar 10 parts water for cleaning windows

Mr. Clean magic eraser for cleaning sinks and tubs) the original version with no chemicals-- or just a little Bon ami on a sponge.

Half-gallon of water, cup of vinegar, and squirt of dish soap for cleaning floors, wiping external surfaces of toilet, etc.

Oxyclean or seventh generation non-chlorine bleach and hot water instead of bleach ( for laundry, also good cleaning carpets with carpet cleaner since it is color safe)
Nicole Nicole
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Re: Cleaning Crew Supplies

In reply to this post by Vintage Princess
I switched to more eco-friendly products after a storm when the regular products (including Bon Ami, Tilex, Fabuloso) were stored under the stairs and my younger daughter closed herself down there to be less afraid. She had an asthma attack. Out went the products the very next day.

It used to be cleaning vinegar, baking soda, and original Dawn dish liquid for everything but some of my clients didn't like the smell of vinegar even in a light application.

Now I use this for 95% of my cleaning:
Norwex cloths that my sister sells, and water.
I use their Descaler for the bathroom toilet, faucets, occasionally sink.
Cleaning Paste for tougher jobs (cleaning bottom of pots/pans, etc).
For marble and travertine surfaces I use Murchison-Hume Bathroom Cleaner.

That's it. I clean two offices and a home this way. I used to clean more residential homes but chose to cut back. This has saved me a lot of money and energy lugging so many bottles around. Now it all fits in a little bucket and off I go!

These next products are occasional use:
Mrs. Myers Baking Soda Cream Cleanser in Lemon Verbena.
Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub, Lemon Verbena.
For an occasional wood polish, Seventh Generation Wood Cleaner (Chamomille scent).