Are we the only ones to blame?

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Are we the only ones to blame?


My name is Ariana Villalonga.

​I live in Luxembourg (Europe) and ​

I have been following for some time now all types of experiences all over the world about how to reduce, reuse, recycle and so on.

​I am trying to do the best my self and like so many before me, it is a struggle. I have had to travel a lot to find places that have solutions or accept to "play the game​“ and yet I still have a long way to go for most things.​


​I live in a country with lots of farms around me so I thought that it could be a good solution, but most don't accept to sell products to anyone else than the big distributions and shopping centres.

I think it is a wonderful idea, but at what point can we stop feeling so bad about using all the plastic packets that we are so desperately trying to stop using as a consumer and start acting on the creators of this marketing packaging that is polluting.

​I watched an interview Michel Edouard leclerc​

​... one of many and I was shocked to here him say that if we put so much cellophane and rapping around woman's facial cream products instead of just a simple glass jar it's because us, consumers have asked for it. We demand it to be sealed with a transparent wrapping along with all the other useless packaging!!

​ ...Is this true?! Has the demand caused this or is it us that have adapted to what is pre​sented before us?


​ This packet that is almost shouting, "buy me and not the one next to me cause I look much more appealing even if you don't know what I have inside". Sadly, I guess it is, true, they can see from the statistics that that part of the marketing makes a difference in the sales.

​We need to make big efforts to change our consumer values, there is no denying that

​but would we need to go to such extent if there was less packaging and more biodegradable waste?

Why only us as consumers are being pointed at?

Is it because we can only work this out on a one to one scale instead f a global scale?

Can we not find a faster and more radical solution by acting directly on the core of the problem so the only true waste left is the organic waste?

Please consider the environment before printing this email.
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Lindy Lindy
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Re: Are we the only ones to blame?

I am with you on so many points you make,  I feel like this is the main reason so many people who I talk to completely write off the idea of zero waste, so I'm glad you are wanting to try it! I live in Illinois, right on the heart of the Midwest in the US, and people here try to force me into using the plastic bags all of the time, even when I insist on using my shopping bags... That's not even starting to ask them to use my own bulk bags! I say that just to show how little my community values environmental issues.

I love some of the recent YouTube videos where Bea is at Google with a panel of environmental advocates, because it really shows that the more we push to educate those around us, and push for change the more businesses are going to change. I am so encouraged when I see these things.

I think you are hitting on the point that it is not all our fault, because it seems like for so long it was completely harmless to most people to buy plastic, and it is so hard to tell people that there is something wrong with using this material when we make most of our kids toys out of it. It will take a much bigger changes to convince everyone than if distributors just had a conscience.

It is harder for me to think about the large scale because I feel a lot more hopeless about the situation, because those who are the most powerful to make the changes are able and willing to hire full time employees devoted to creating the right packaging, but I think the more people are drawn to the beauty of zero waste for our homes and our world, the more other options will become available. I mean, look at all the people who have been changed by Bea and her book, blog and just being open to share about their lifestyle. I am feeling a bit of a high because I am the very first in my town to do zero waste, and I was just successful at my first bulk shopping trip in a town with very few bulk and health stores.  

Anyways, to your main question, I think blaming the consumers for the producers packaging is silly, I think they are ultimately to blame, they make the plastics for goodness sake! But we can have some say as the consumers, and we can do our best to call companies and ask for the changes we hope to see. I love the concept of my dollar being my vote!