A dumpster that gets scavenged and donated!

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A dumpster that gets scavenged and donated!

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Yes! Im in the san francisco  bay area and there is a group.of veterans running a small dumpster service that's a bit different than the norm.

Check it out! here is a youtube video about it


Whats is so cool about them??

They donate their dumpster dive finds to local charities.  Of course what really struck with me is how personal their service was.  

Recently my neighbor ordered a bin from these guys, being nosey as I am i went over to "say hi"

Being drawn by their "eco" name I went over to investigate of course with greenwashing being so prevalent the correct questions needed to be asked.

"What makes you guys green" I asked.  The guys went into deep conversation of their struggles and victories trying to keep as much out of the landfill as possible.

Definitely impressed.